__ Gartners rooms & suites

Style & a pleasure-packed stay in the lifestyle Hotel Gartner

Modern design, stylish ambience and fine materials joint with harmony and great care: the precious wooden elements and the noblest materials coin the exclusive atmosphere of the individually design rooms. The wide glass surfaces and the spacious terraces on the roof grant inspiring experiences with all weather conditions.

The unique view over the surrounding mountains that inebriates you during the day turns into a starry scenery after sunset. Enjoy the night in our hotel with a gourmet dinner, a good cigar and a superb glass of wine. The keys of your room open the doors to your personal corner of paradise and invite you to dream of a wonderful holiday in South Tyrol.

According to numerous expert analyses, hotel guests across the globe place a great deal of emphasis on having a comfortable bed. Cosy mattresses are number 1 in the list of guest requirements. This year we have once again really taken this trend into account. In the past year, a guest staying in the Gartner has been able to choose from a selection of pillows and now there are also toppers of the highest quality.


In the Gartner we love music above all else! Here is a little snippet of our team’s many favourite songs that can be heard in the hotel.
Have fun and let´s dance!