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South Tyrol nature in all its facets

The panoramic sun terrace
The village of Tirolo is a true jewel embedded in the Italian Alps. Thanks to its good position above Merano and its mild Mediterranean climate, Tirolo has always been a favourite holiday resort and place of residence. Its several historical sights testify its long and eventful past.

Directly from the village centre a unique panoramic path offering a beautiful view on Merano and the Adige Valley takes visitors to one of the best preserved examples of medieval architecture: the ancestral Castle of Tyrol, which gave its name to the entire region. The Castle hosts the provincial museum of history and culture providing an overall view about the early settlers of this alpine region.

In close vicinity you will find the Bird Care Centre which offers pure wildlife adventure and spectacular daily flight shows.

Vibration & silence...

Sport, hiking, eating, drinking, shopping or just letting your mind unwind in a country were the gods seem to have been in a particularly good mood. The range of holiday offers available in Merano and the surrounding area is as variety-packed and diverse as the landscape itself. Not many visitors in Meraner Land know what is happening away from the mainstream holiday agendas, yet the extensive cultural programme in the most northerly province in Italy is something to be appreciated.

It's time for magic...

The season here in our hotel lasts a full eight months. This is actually much too short to express all the ideas we have for our guests that are swimming about in our heads. Whether it is the opening party or a honeymoon special, birthday surprise or golf weeks – there is always something going on in the ‘Gartner’.

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