__ Urban chic in Tirolo!

South Tyrol meets the world at our small, pretty design hotel

Styles that meet and melt. Simply marvel…
The maximum of distinctiveness is provided by wood, glass and steel: these elements create elegance without conveying rigidity. Wood as natural material and glass as transparent medium create new perspectives both looking at the house from the outside and admiring the scenery from the inside.

Read, browse, be amazed…

The Gartner’s hotel library is probably the only one of its kind in all of South Tyrol. A huge amount of picture books on a wide variety of themes are spread throughout the building. Whether it is film, music, photography or architecture, art, travel or cars, fashion or comics, the selection available seems just endless. And each week new publication upon new publication are added. You might almost wish for a rainy day in sun-blessed South Tyrol, just so you can really browse. And in the background – the most laidback music vibes this side of the Alps. Hotel boss Florian Gartner sees to that himself! It just doesn’t get any cooler!


It's time for magic...

The season here in our hotel lasts a full eight months. This is actually much too short to express all the ideas we have for our guests that are swimming about in our heads. Whether it is the opening party or a honeymoon special, birthday surprise or golf weeks – there is always something going on in the ‘Gartner’.

from € 307,80

2 overnight stays
21.05.2024 - 30.06.2024
from € 282,60

2 overnight stays
14.06.2024 - 14.07.2024
from € 314,00

2 overnight stays
28.03.2024 - 03.11.2024


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In the Gartner we love music above all else! Here is a little snippet of our team’s many favourite songs that can be heard in the hotel.
Have fun and let´s dance!