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Relaxation room

The wellness relaxation room in the ‘White SPA House’ was just recently intentionally designed by well-known South Tyrol architecture office MONOVOLUME as a cinema. Kitted out with fire pit, library, cool egg chairs and ultra-cosy loungers by sought-after designer Harry Thaler, the visitor sees (almost) always the same film on a giant glass screen – the unbelievably beautiful and inspiring landscape of the Merano valley basin, with the spa town right in the thick of the action. Nature decides the filmatic variant - (rare) rainy weather and storms, (often) sunshine, and (frequently) cloud formations that provide the most unbelievable natural spectacles in the South Tyrol skies. A WOW experience that every Gartner holiday-maker will remember for a long time to come.


Look, enjoy, be amazed, in the truest sense, standing above it all … the unbelievable Infinity Pool on the uppermost floor of the new SPA building...

Hotspot ‘The Guestnest’

A very special experience that is likely one of a kind across the globe is our ‘Guest Nest’, a hot whirlpool (34 degrees) in the core of a dead tree...

Fitness room

Anyone who doesn’t want to give up their usual top-notch training programme while on holiday is in great hands in the Hotel Gartner. In the hotel’s...


Have you ever got undressed 10 metres up, in a completely glazed room and gazed out over a fantastic mountain realm, really sweated it all out and at...


Snow room

Winter wonderland in summer? Snowfall when the sun is shining? A well-being ambience with a temperature of -10 degrees? In the Gartner’s new, unique...

It's time for magic...

The season here in our hotel lasts a full eight months. This is actually much too short to express all the ideas we have for our guests that are swimming about in our heads. Whether it is the opening party or a honeymoon special, birthday surprise or golf weeks – there is always something going on in the ‘Gartner’.

from € 768,00

4 overnight stays
28.03.2024 - 02.04.2024
from € 316,00

2 overnight stays
02.04.2024 - 21.04.2024
from € 760,00

5 overnight stays
28.03.2024 - 26.10.2024


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In the Gartner we love music above all else! Here is a little snippet of our team’s many favourite songs that can be heard in the hotel.
Have fun and let´s dance!